Tej Chauhan


True Square Tej Chauhan

Rado, 2020

The True Square Tej Chauhan is the result of an exciting collaboration with luxury Swiss watchmaker Rado. Inspired by Rado’s combination of traditional watchmaking craftsmanship and their ongoing pursuit of advanced material innovation, we applied our Emotive Industrial Design approach to spotlight their hi-tech ceramic technology.


The design uses Rado’s brand new True Square case as a basis. Finished in this special yellow with a dry, matt texture, it’s intended to showcase the unique-feeling ceramic. The strap has been created using stitched leather pillows, a new take on a traditional bracelet, designed to be inviting and tactile. The case back has a “liquid metal” feel providing visual contrast and softness on the wrist.


The watch face balances expression with conscious respect for traditional layout through careful use of colour and graphical composition. The date indicator features the Tej Chauhan Ltd bespoke “ever changing”  typeface – for extra dynamic effect. The sapphire crystal has been “sliced”, a reflection of the concave surface of the face.


The final composition is intended to draw attention and encourage interaction. Designed to look engaging and then feel delightful, focus is ultimately drawn to the materials and craftsmanship, and how they feel on the wrist.


Winner of multiple design awards, including Red Dot, Good Design, and Grand Prix du Design Gold in 2021.


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