Tej Chauhan



Tesco, 2014

One retailer. One market. One Year. One million units. Tesco approached us to design the follow-up to their successful Hudl android tablet. The brief was to convey friendly yet capable technology. How do you make a tablet stand out in a sea of other competing products? We created a cohesive design language for the new Hudl2 and together with an extended range of accessories, was a sell-out success.


“Stylish, desirable.. it completely outshines the competition. It’s really rather nice.”
“A pleasure to hold.”
“Working with Tej on the second generation Hudl tablet took our product design to a whole new level. Tej achieved iconic design language without ever compromising Tesco’s objective of ensuring the product was at a price accessible to everyone. We achieved the impossible and made a Tesco product that writers from publications like Wired and The Guardian couldn’t say enough nice things about.. Tej’s vision covered every element of the customer experience.. accessories he created drove basket size and profitability.”
Keith Metcalfe, Hudl Product Manager
  • Group of Hudls
  • Hudl White