Tej Chauhan


TV of The Near Futureº

Studio Projects, 2019

TV of The Near Futureº – designed for the way we watch TV today. A modular system brings together TV, music and immersive content-search for an enhanced, more connected entertainment experience. Read the full story here_


The system comprises four elements. The Hub contains the content. The Bowman Haptic Controller is designed to provide and immersive control and search experience for the way we watch TV today. Its’ form is inspired by a “worry stone”. Haptic feedback allows you to feel your way around your content; intuitive, unobtrusive, connected. For convenience, it docks to the Hub and acts as the power switch for TV. Clothes Line is our “dumb screen”, an HD monitor, to which the Hub connects. Or, connect any computer or device to it. The Foambar is a portable soundbar which can be connected to Clothes Line for added acoustic depth and richness. It can also be carried around the home as a high quality connected speaker.