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3D Surface Modeller
We’re currently looking to meet a skilled 3D surface modeller.


Our visual approach requires a comprehensive working knowledge of G2 and G3 surface continuity –

we are looking for candidates who can demonstrate this with a high level of competence. 


Our process is iterative and meticulous, suiting those with diligence, patience and curiosity, and those who also believe that it’s the small details which make the big difference. Being organised, with great verbal and written skills in English are valued.


We’re initially looking for an independent or freelance designer, to work with us on a couple of exciting medium-term projects. Location is flexible, preferably from London or the Helsinki office, or remotely within European timezones. Rhino or Alias suit our work best. 


If you’d like to apply, please send a short email to jobs@tejchauhan.com with a link to your work or PDF, ideally showing some modelling process.

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