A gift from Tej Chauhan…
The holidays are a time for doing things together. We’ve been playing some Backgammon in studio breaks recently and we’ve designed this set for you. Here’s what you need to do…



  1. Download this zip file containing all of the print-ready elements for your backgammon set: Board, two sets of Players, two Dice and a Doubling Cube.
  2. You will need access to a black & white printer, as well as a 3D printer. Use your desktop printer to create the Board (PDF file) on a single sheet of A3.
  3. Use your 3D printer to make: 15 x TC_Player_Concentric.stl; 15 x TC_Player_Dip;  2 x TC_Dice.stl;  1 x TC_Doubling Cube.
  4. Now you’re ready to roll.

Season’s greetings and wishing you a winning 2018!


Tej, Liisa, Bea, Bronka & Sarah



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