Tej Chauhan


Applied Futurismº – reimagining everyday objects, distinguishing brands.


Tej Chauhan is an award-winning industrial designer known for his futurist style. To this he applies over 20 years’ experience and a particular understanding of what makes an object engaging – creating extraordinary, commercially-focused design language that connects people to objects and draws attention to brands. He calls his approach Applied Futurismº.


Tej’s London-based team works on production projects and concept forecasting for clients ranging from startups to world renowned brands.



Centred on mathematical composition and simple geometric relationships, Applied Futurismº is the belief that certain values of curves and lines will always look pleasing together and create lasting visual appeal. Just like a human face, an object with a certain relationship between its features might be generally accepted as “attractive”; but a truly interesting object or face also provokes a very small degree of visual discomfort. This “1% ugly”, as Tej calls it, is what creates the composition you fall in love with – and what Tej tries to find in products and spaces for brands.



In a market flooded with tech innovation and new products trying to gain traction, getting noticed has never been more challenging or important. Looking forwards and never sideways, but always with a respect for tradition and brand, Tej designs extraordinary objects of tomorrow that you can have today. Combining Tej’s unique visual style with manufacturing innovation, commercial sensitivity and an understanding of the science and emotion of colour and material, his work elicits an emotional response. It’s designed to create a connection between people and objects.


“To differentiate, you need to be authentic. To be relevant, you have to challenge; ask the difficult questions, make the brave decisions. I believe this is how truly brilliant product is made.” – Tej Chauhan




“Before setting up his eponymous practice in 2005, technological whizz-kid Tej Chauhan put in several years at Nokia, creating some of the company’s most memorable models. These days, his signature aesthetic has touched everything from kitchen tools and eyewear to televisions and door handles, making one of the most wide-ranging oeuvres around.” — Wallpaper*




Tej Chauhan is an industrial designer known for his cutting-edge consumer technology and homeware.


Born in London, Tej graduated from Central St Martins School of Art and Design in 1995 and went on to work as an independent designer and consultant for brands ranging from fashion designer Michiko Koshino to British Airways and The Body Shop.


Tej joined Nokia as a Senior Designer in 2000, where he led the design of the Nokia 7600, 7280 (listed as one of the Best 25 Products of 2004 by Fortune Magazine) and 7370 fashion products. In 2003/4, Tej was also an Associate Lecturer in Product Design on the Faculty at Central St Martins. He left Nokia in 2005 to establish his own practice, Tej Chauhan Ltd.


Tej’s work has appeared in Arena, Elle, Elle Decoration, Esquire, The Evening Standard, The Financial Times, Fortune Magazine, Future Laboratory, GQ, Homes & Gardens, ICON, I.D, i-D, Metro, The New York Times Style Section, The Observer, Shortlist, Stuff, The Sunday Telegraph, The Sunday Times Magazine, Surface, T3, Viewpoint, Vogue & Wallpaper* among others.
His awards include IDSA Gold, IDSA Silver, iF Product Design Awards, D&AD Product Design Awards and International Design Award, as well as nominations for the British Design Awards and the Homes & Gardens Designer Awards.